Adriane Young

Always too soon to quit and never too late to start!

Adriane Young, a New York native, is an entrepreneur who established her own company called Pretty Being in 2012.  She created “an apparel company and lifestyle, with a positive purpose". She has aspirations of being the voice for little girls, young ladies, and adult women who face challenges in weight loss management, who suffer from low-self-esteem, and for those with learning disabilities. It has always been a passion of hers to have a business that supports females with these obstacles, since she too has faced the same difficulties at one point in her life and can vividly recall the cruelty received from society and from peers.  

She has created a company for females to wear clothing with an uplifting message that positively represents their unique differences, or rather their unique "prettiness", as she likes to refer to it being. Her goal is to have little girls, young ladies, and adult women embrace what makes them different instead of being embarrassed by their differences, and build confidence so they can be at their absolute best. Her ultimate dream is to see that all females, regardless of their age, have a bright and successful future and not limit themselves or allow anyone or anything to deprive them from succeeding in life.

Adriane holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and is currently  pursuing her Juris Doctorate Degree. During her leisure time, she regularly participates in motivational speaking forums and creates music.  She is dedicated in uplifting others with song and words of encouragement. Adriane strives to be a voice of positive reinforcement and enrichment to all  people and truly delights in the art of helping others.    

Creating Pretty Being is Adriane's way of giving back and ensuring that every little girl, young lady, and adult woman never loses hope, direction, or motivation in life.  It is her belief that positive reinforcement can make a difference in a person’s life.  Her unique approach on putting uplifting phrases on t-shirts for females to wear is just the beginning for Pretty Being.  Adriane has an abundance of unique ideas for her company and will see to it that Pretty Being continues to Motivate, Inspire, and Strengthen all females!


As of September 12, 2018 you will be able to purchase your very own Pretty Being  BRAVE * BOLD * STRONG T-Shirt and much more!